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We are working to make this safe, non-invasive healing accessible to you and your family.

Advanced Photonics is a Natural Health & Wellness team that offers innovative Photobiomodulation therapy, including Firefly Light Therapy, to alleviate chronic pain and degenerative conditions. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you improve your quality of life naturally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Firefly Light Therapy™ is the latest in multi-spectrum LED light therapy for pain, neurological disorders, and pathogenic issues. The Firefly utilizes a powerful wave of light to penetrate the skin, tissue, and surrounding nerves, which can help heal soft tissue injuries, reduce pain, promote wound healing, increase blood circulation, and provide therapy for chronic conditions such as arthritis and back pain.

What is Firefly Light Therapy?
Who is it suitable for?

It is suitable for pain, neurological disorders, and pathogen issues. Data from current clinical studies indicate that Firefly Light Therapy may be able to reverse the symptoms of central nervous system disorders like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Additionally, proof exists documenting pain relief from all types of inflammatory diseases and injuries. Combined with an F-scan, it's also a powerfully accurate new way to pinpoint and potentially destroy parasites in patients suffering from a variety of auto-immune disorders and gut issues. This treatment is so comfortable, children and seniors welcome its beneficial effects!

What are some of the benefits?

Some of the benefits are, but not limited to

  • Faster healing: Accelerates cell development in damaged tissue as well as stimulating bone and cartilage regeneration

  • Anti-inflammatory action: Reduces swelling and accelerates healing times of soft tissue injuries

  • Increased vascular activity: Results in an increase of microcirculation of lymphatic system and small blood vessels in injured tissue

  • Stimulates nerve function: Accelerates the regeneration of damaged nerves.

  • Fast: A typical treatment lasts 10-15 minutes

  • Nonpharmalogical: No hidden side effects

  • Safe: Emits pure, non-ionizing light

  • Non-invasive: Unlike painful injections, the skin is not physically penetrated

  • Economical: Costs less than other therapy and offers greater benefits

What are some of the differences between red light therapy and Firefly Light Therapy?

Firefly Light Therapy utilizes multiple wavelengths of blue (12 each), red (5 each), and near-infrared (8 each) in each of our two wands.Infrared Light Increases Lymph flow, Osteoblastic activity, Cell Proliferations and Granulation tissue, and increases the thickness of Epidermis. Red light therapy only utilizes one of these powerful healing lights.

Have more questions or want to see some of the research?

Documentary in which Dr. Martin Bales discuss how Firefly Light Therapy differs from traditional light therapy. Maurice Bales, a medical device engineer and father to Dr Martin Bales, talks about how far the technology has come. Maurice explains how the F-scan in conjunction with this light therapy can pinpoint disease. Dr. Len Saputo joins with his experience using Firefly therapy, and a patient tells her success story.

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